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Beyond Home Renovation 

Our passion is providing our clients with a memorable experience from first-contact to crossing the threshold into their new home. We pride ourselves in consistent communication, quality work, and respecting the value of your time.

Building a home is building a relationship and a legacy. We’ve left our personal touch on every project we undertake and are proud of the legacy we are creating. A legacy of trust, communication, quality, and connection.


We are fully licensed as General Contractors and additionally acquired a Master’s License. As project managers, we emphasize and are proud of the excellence of our people and resources. For more information and examples of past work, please reach out.

Our past work experience includes

Mountain homes
Craftsman style log timber frame.
“Modern rustic” style homes

Moving at the Speed of Quality

At Far North, we foster a craftsmanship mentality. The pursuit of quality work is not demonstrated in a sprint, chasing deadlines and efficiency. It is a deep passion, expressed at a diligent, disciplined pace. We move at the speed of quality, refusing to sacrifice excellence for expedience. But ask anyone we’ve worked with; each extra minute is a calculated investment in the experience and outcome.
To maintain these values, and ensure each of our clients enjoy our full attention, we strive to focus on only a few projects at a time. The craftsman is focused, but not hurried. Quality takes time, and as our past clients will assure you, it is enjoyed for much longer.
Trust is essential. The level of trust has to be high because of the importance of each project. This is a commitment, and we approach each project fully aware of the truth you are putting in us. Each step of the way, we will earn and reinforce that trust. Our personal touch and passion are evident in our words, deeds, and work.

The Difference is in Our People

We value people above all else. We strive to fully understand and address each client’s needs, wants, and expectations. We know our crew, know they share our values, and live out these values while working with them on the ground. Years of collaborating has helped us know how to bring together the right people for the right jobs, and excel in managing those relationships. This is the key to turning a project into an experience: A great contractor who puts people first.

What areas do you service?

We work primarily in North Denver, Greeley, Fort Collins, Estes Park Mountains, and surrounding areas. However, we are open and willing to work outside of this area, depending on the size and scope of the job. It never hurts to call! We’d love to find a solution that works for everyone.


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